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Salt + Charcoal, Brooklyn’s first authentic Japanese robata style restaurant, is announcing its grand opening on November 14th, 2014!  

Situated at the corner of Bedford Avenue and Grand Street in Williamsburg, Salt + Charcoal brings robata—ya traditional Japanese method in which the freshest ingredients are slowly roasted to perfection over a carefully-tended charcoal fire—to Williamsburg’s vibrant restaurant scene. 

As the restaurant’s name implies, salt and charcoal provide the foundation for this unusual cuisine. Robata achieves its unique character through the interaction of these two simple elements which—carefully wielded—highlight the subtle and distinctive flavors of premium ingredients.  Salt + Charcoal’s top quality Binchotan oak charcoal.  The chef uses a wide variety of salts sampled from around the world, including Japan’s famed umi no ko. This highly prized salt is handmade in beautiful Goto Islands, where the clear ocean water and vast forests create the perfect environment for the finest and most delicately flavored salt imaginable.  Salt + Charcoal applies these time-honored staples of Japanese cuisine to the best and freshest ingredients, from cage-free organic chicken to top quality Wagyu beef. Seafood offerings include local catches and premium imports air-lifted in from around the world, and the restaurant sources the finest local produce.
Executive Chef Jiro Iida earned a devoted following during his time as head chef at Manhattan cult favorite Aburiya Kinnosuke. Now, as a partner in Salt + Charcoal, he takes a culinary leap forward.  The open kitchen allows a spectacular view of Jiro and his staff preparing their signature dishes, such as handmade tsukune (delicate chicken meatballs) or sugatayaki (daily changing whole fish grilled fresh over glowing coals).
Salt + Charcoal features a full bar where visitors can enjoy original specialties including a signature cocktail accented by charcoal-infused salt. The restaurant also offers other original cocktails, such as the “Hoji-cha Hai,” a refreshing mix of shochu and roasted green tea. The wine, sake and shochu list is carefully curated by Salt + Charcoal’s sommelier to complement the rich, subtle notes of robata cuisine.
The menu’s traditional flavors play off a contemporary design well-suited to Williamsburg’s creative aesthetic.  The centerpiece of the bar is “Fox, Michigan, 1980”, an original large-format print from renowned Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto’s theatre series. The bar provides counter seating where customers can enjoy the view of the open kitchen, and the restaurant also offers booth seating for a more intimate dining experience. An exclusive private dining room accommodates special parties and events. 

Salt + Charcoal was created by Teruyuki Takayama, President of TK Digital Corporation, a premiere Japanese film production company based in Brooklyn, New York.  Takayama draws on his years of experience in the creative industries to produce an entertaining and satisfying culinary event that unites his two homes—an authentic taste of Japan’s traditional flavors offered in New York’s most vibrant and contemporary neighborhood.  Kanpai!


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