About US

Salt + Charcoal is Williamsburg’s one of a kind Japanese Grill. Preparation of our signature steaks start with our chef, Tadaaki Ishizaki hand selecting each piece of beef at the purveyor. The beef is then dry aged in a precisely climate controlled environment for a minimum of 50 days before charcoal-grilling using our unique crank grill. The result is a super tender steak which pairs perfectly with our Japanese inspired sauces and herb butter. Chef Ishizaki has been one of the leading promoters at the Japan Dry Aging Beef Promotion Association, has served as a judge at numerous professional competitions, and taught the technique at various culinary academies in Japan. His expertise also extends to traditional Japanese cuisine which can be enjoyed in our various seafood and fusion dishes. Our full bar has a variety of Japanese spirits, wines and original cocktails specially crafted to pair with our food offerings.